Ethan Hawke: A Bright Ray of Darkness

A Bright Ray of Darkness is the acclaimed actor, writer, and director’s first novel in nearly two decades, which tells the story of shame, faith, love, fame, and heartbreak, and the moral power of art,

A young man makes his debut on Broadway. At that time, the marriage broke down. An exhilarating meditation on fame and celebrity and the power of artistic salvation and healing; a portrayal of disasters caused by disappointment and divorce; deep reflections on fathers and rituals of coming of age; a story full of anger and sex, desire and despair Novel; A Bright Ray of Darkness is a passionate love letter written to the theater world, showing Ethan.

Hawke's unprecedented talent as a novelist. The Hawke narrator after torturing a young man and loathing himself for the breakdown of his marriage, still hopes to reconcile, let him forgive himself, and continue to be a clumsy, sometimes funny, trying to manage his personal life and the remains of whiskey and sex. It was the theater that saved him, especially the challenge of performing Shakespeare in his Broadway debut under the leadership of a talented director.

Image Credit: @Twitter
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