Esprit de géométrie en Italie 1940-1960

Esprit de géométrie en Italie 1940-1960 is an exhibition that focuses on a particularly important and often forgotten phase of postwar Italian art: the transition from figuration to abstraction.

The exhibition focuses on a foundational and transformative decade of Italian painting. Enriched by the Futurist experience and research of Vassili Kandinsky and the Bauhaus, artists began to form groups at various poles of artistic creation - Forma 1in Rome (Achille Perilli) and Movimento Arte Concreta in Milan (Mario Nigro, Mauro Reggiani, Luigi Veronesi). They rejected traditional figurative painting in favor of a more experimental style based on simple forms, geometric shapes, and color. It does not aim to represent a complete panorama of this period but rather focuses on the basic steps in building up from figuration to abstraction.

Esprit de géométrie en Italie 1940-1960
Date: 6 Jul – 30 Sep 2023
Gallery: Tornabuoni Art
Address: 16 Avenue Matignon, 75008, Paris, France
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