Ena Swansea: Stuck in Neutral

Stuck in Neutral is a second solo exhibition by the New York-based artist Ena Swansea, which showcases a new collection of vibrant, ingeniously imaginative, and superbly rendered paintings. Gather inspiration for her paintings from numerous photographs the artist has taken over the years, as well as her film background. Thinking of her paintings as movie stills, and through the use of repetitive forms found in nature, she sees a graphic punch that brings fresh pictorial excitement to the field of painting.

The exhibition title refers to an illusory, slippery transition from a global pandemic back to simpler times. This group of nine paintings presents initially familiar themes—snow-covered fields, raging ocean waves, idyllic alleys, and autumn forests—but with deeper exposure, they become disturbingly surreal and mysterious. Characterized by ambiguity, no specific narrative is provided, thus allowing the audience flexibility in their perception. Her paintings reveal the ever-changing state of our present, the dense landscapes in her work reveal traces of human life, and her sly humorous whispers suggest her optimism about the future; throughout the work, references to ethereal and ghostly figures the enjoyment is obvious.
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