Elena Gual: Aura

Aura is a solo exhibition of paintings by contemporary Spanish artist Elena Gual. Her work combines concrete and emotion, female life and universal emotion, and the distinctive modern style rooted in her academic training, to remind people of the powerful visual language of portrait painting.

Known for her striking female portraits, this series of 12 new paintings allowed Gual to capture the emotional depth of her characters with her vibrant color palette and unique texture style. Her works reflect on the inner life and stories of women's subjects in a variety of colors, inspiring the tradition of portrait painting and the potential for communication and connection.

Gual's works are named Resilience, Self-Love and Awakening under different names. They mainly revolve around the inherent emotional experience of women, but they generally resonate with the audience. She was born in Spain and based in London. She has lived in Africa and India for a period of time. Her works touch on the countless realities of women all over the world-which is reflected both in her themes and in her own artistic identity. Gual's work applies her unified iconic style to different portraits, balances the experiences of these women, and invites viewers to be embraced by the emotional reality expressed in her paintings. This new series also sees that Gual introduces multiple characters in his personal works, who together become a representative of a single emotional dynamic.

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