Donald Judd

❤️ The first solo exhibition of Donald Judd @donaldjuddfurniture played a central role in defining the art of his time, and his work is still influential today.

The exhibition focuses on a series of single wall works by the artist from 1965 to 1991. They are made using some of the main elements in his material vocabulary: galvanized iron, colored plexiglass, plywood, anodized aluminum, and painted aluminum. The carefully proportioned form of the works emphasizes the inherent qualities of their materials and the relationship between their parts and the whole.

There are two floors made of unpainted Douglas fir plywood in 1989. These works are defined by their horizontal and vertical planes and are arranged in sections on the diagonal. The precise internal division of these works changes their occupation of space and effectively guides light and shadow. Therefore, they represent the way that the structure of Judd's art clearly enhances the perceptual communication between the work, the surrounding environment and the audience.
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