Christopher Esber

Christopher Esber presents his ultimate Art of Languid Sense to Paris Fashion Week.

Making his debut at Paris Fashion Week, the Creative Director and his team present his eponymous brand’s Spring/Summer 24 ready-to-wear collection at the Cité de Architecture et du Patrimoine.

The captured sensation is primal, rooted in the encounter of materials and their interaction with the body. The inherent primal feeling enveloped by fabric encounters a fluid contour that is dissected, enveloped, and reconstructed. It connects with the senses of nature, reflecting the designer's personal preferences for the dichotomy of hard and soft, structure and flow, and giving and receiving.

With a keen emphasis on sartorial ritual and the delicate balance between functionality and form, materials are skillfully combined in unconventional ways, wherein their iconic hardware evolves into new metal structures that support suspension and architectural elements, highlighting key features of the body, while the classic silhouettes undergo evolution through dissection and reconstruction. Diamond lace sparkles on the body, while fringes imbue a sense of dynamism and movement. A series of seed bead textiles with surfaces resembling stone carvings offer ease of manipulation. Every detail has been carefully considered and is the result of labor driven by passion and love.

The convergence of his brand's ethos and vision occurs naturally resulting in a flawless integration. Effortlessly, showcasing his esteemed position as a leading contemporary Australian designer among his garners both respect and recognition from his peers within the profession.

Congratulations, we take immense pride in your accomplishments and crazily in love with every single piece of your creation. ❤️

Image Credit: @vogue





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