Chow Chun-fai & Stephen Wong: A Mirage of a Shing City

A Mirage of a Shining City is a joint exhibition by 2 Hong Kong local artists Chow Chun-fai and Stephen Wong Chun-hei, which is the perspective of urban light penetrates time, culture and history, and transforms Hong Kong's urban landscape and suburban scenery. Through light and shadow, the two artists explore the scenes behind our cities, where the superficial may not be entirely glamorous; Through the latest series of works by the two artists, the exhibition will bring together a pair of very different creative styles, but complement each other, expressing their shared love for the city.

Chow's work revolves around Hong Kong at night, exploring the indomitable energy of the night city and its nuances of light and shadow. He is good at finding inspiration from old photos and movies recorded in the past, depicting the urban scenes captured in the pictures, and depicting the artificial neon lights of the city at night. Gentle and nostalgic contemporary - his unique narrative style contains the city's collective memory, reinterpreting the light and shadow of Hong Kong's night scene with rich paint layers and dreamy colors.

On the contrary, Wang specializes in landscape painting, and his most recent works revolve around daytime scenes in Hong Kong. Wong often explores nature with his paints and brushes, capturing the colors and beauty of the moment from a unique perspective. The resulting compositions boast bright, vivid colors as well as deep narrative and imagination. For this exhibition, a series has been created that clearly focuses on the suburbs of Fo Tan, with his unique painting technique and color palette, reflecting his close attention to the land, and finding the sparkle that attracts him at the intersection of daylight and sunset.

Chow Chun-fai & Stephen Wong Chun-hei - <<A Mirage of a Shining City>>
Date: 2 May – 10 Jun 2023
Gallery: Tang Contemporary Art
Address: 10/F, H Queen's, 80 Queen's Road Central, Hong Kong

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