Cheung Tsz Hin: Spinelessly Planting

Spinelessly Planting is a solo exhibition of the latest works by the Hong Kong artist Cheung Tsz Hin, in which traces of transition is evidenced in his composition and the way light and shadow are depicted. The intuitive and spontaneous painting process is distilled into an emotional prism and unfolds across his oeuvre, revealing his fond memories of specific occasions in time, space, people, and smells. What remains constant are his observations and depictions of plants blooming and withering. Their short lives reminded the artist of the passage of time and the meaning of existence, and how he understood life.

Stones, trees, space, wildlife, and the pulse of all life carry the unique beauty of the northern edge of the New Territories where the artist grew up. From his childhood home in Sandy Ridge to his grandmother's home in Ta Kwu Ling, and then to the village studio in Yuen Long, the lush greenery and prosperous life have nourished his growth, witnessed his growth, and became his tireless research and learning objects. Take inspiration from it. Studying the vegetation around him carefully and caring for the potted plants in his studio are moments of respite from his everyday life. The flowering and withering of plants and their short lives remind the artist of the passage of time and the meaning of existence. The planting process also made him realize that the hard work and the harvest may not be commensurate. The meticulous care and diligent nourishment can blossom and bear fruit, depending on whether there is sufficient sunlight and air. Likewise, light and space play an essential role in his painting process. Once the enormous effort was woven into a heavy emotional bond and unable to imagine his way of thinking, he could only accept the challenge without a spine.
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