Cheung Tsz-Hin: Moments in Layered Motion

Moments in Layered Motion is a solo exhibition by the Hong Kong local artist Cheung Tsz-Hin, which showcases the work that was created last year, it breathes life into a range of everyday subjects such as plants, children, and pillows.

The subject of each work is carefully crafted to reflect the artist's accumulated feelings and thoughts, and his works focus energy on the various emotions of inner states. Capturing floating light and predatory shadows with visceral and sensory-driven color. The artist skillfully captures the beauty of fleeting moments in everyday life. The interplay of color and line is his signature style, and the depiction of light and shadow reflects his style. These elements demonstrate his unique insights and experiences, and his use of color and clever capture of sunlight demonstrates his sensitivity to the fleeting beauty of nature.

Guided by flexible brushstrokes, these elements are fluid, displaying vibrant lines and muted colors, like fleeting snapshots of moments in the artist's life. The concept of memory transcends traditional understanding, and its depth depends on the freshness of each recollection. The underlying colors sometimes emerge from overlapping brushstrokes, expressing how he noticed that certain memories linger on different levels of our consciousness over time.

Cheung Tsz-Hin - << Moments in Layered Motion >>
Date: 14 Mar – 20 Apr 2024
Gallery: Contemporary by Angela Li
Address: G/F, 248 Hollywood Road, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
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