Chan Wai-lap: The Lonesome Changing Room

The Lonesome Changing Room (寂寞更衣室) is the solo exhibition by the Hong Kong local artist Chan Wai-lap, which is the artist's response to the swimming pool that was closed during the epidemic. If the whole work is just showing the swimming pool dressing room in the exhibition, it must not have caused such a big response, but it is surprising that the work has added the elements of Performing Art. In the open dressing room, there is a swimmer in the open dressing room, changing clothes, revealing the state of the private dressing room on such an occasion, truly shows it to the viewers, playing with the effect of this mismatch, which is unexpected.

His works have been exploring public space, human nature and the relationship between his heart and different cities. The Chan family loves swimming pools because he likes the uniqueness of swimming pools as a public space in social culture. The artist pointed out that no matter where you are in the world, swimming pools are a stopping point for people to remove their "shells" in the city.
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