Carsten Holler: Upside Down Muchroom Room

Upside Down Mushroom Room is the star of the permanent collection by the German artist Carsten Holler, where giant spinning mushrooms hanging from the ceiling, and the room is only accessible by walking through a pitch-black contraption, where you'll feel your way to a railing. It's a psychedelic experience, to say the least, and the feeling of being inside a mushroom in Alice in Wonderland is amazing experiential art.

Feel like Alice in Wonderland as you walk through a side room filled with giant fungi. His typical mushroom is half of two random mushrooms. Some, such as the large red and white fungus, are thought to have psychoactive components. Applying his training as a scientist to his work as an artist, his primary concerns relate to the nature of human perception and self-exploration, inviting the viewer to participate and interact while questioning human behavior, perception, and logic, often containing playfulness, hallucination, or noir Hints of humor to stimulate experience and reflection.

Carsten Holler - <<Upside Down Mushroom Room>>
Date: Permanent Projects
Gallery: Fondazione Prada
Address: Largo Isarco, 220139 Milan

Image Credit: @fondazioneprada
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