Botond Keresztesi

The Garden of the Magician is a solo exhibition of new paintings by the Hungarian artist Botond Keresztesi, which is a reference to the forms and archetypes of the Art Nouveau object culture, its main feature is a dialogue between a pair of contrasting, almost canceling opposites.

The artist drew on everyday objects from Art Nouveau object culture, including jewelry, brooches, furniture, clocks, and architectural decoration. However, the unique forms he finds and extracts from their primordial surroundings are first cut into silhouettes using image editing software, after which the surfaces of the resulting shapes are filled with fluid, almost psychedelic swirling patterns. Viewers are initially confused by the contrast between the static nature of the outline-like shapes that define the composition and the animated movement that fills the interior of these shapes. He further intensifies this visual chaos by contrasting the rigid acrylic base of the landscape-like background with the softness of the airbrush-painted floating cloud-like wisps.

The layering of images, the distortion of digital and analog shapes, and the blurring, blurring, and multiplication of details are a commentary on the image dumping that is currently being discussed in the theoretical discourse of post-digital painting as a visual distraction under operation. Using superimposed layers of visual archetypes and references to painting and art history, he has created a cyborg aesthetic most easily compared to the science fiction genre, which makes his painted worlds instantly recognizable, where analog and digital, cybernetics and organic matter, are essentially unified.

Botond Keresztesi - <<The Garden of the Magician>>
Date: 10 May – 17 Jun
Gallery: Double Q Gallery
Address: 68 Lok Ku Road, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

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