Bing Lee & Kim Ha-young: Storyteller

Storyteller is a dual exhibition by the New York-based Hong Kong artist Bing Lee @goldfedora and the London-based South Korean artist Kim Ha-Young, which showcases painting and sketching are featured to promote dialogue about contemporary psychology and will open up space for audiences to explore multicultural and artistic.

Both artists are mainly known for their unique, witty and iconic visual effects related to contemporary cultural and social issues, but they come from different cultural and generational backgrounds. The artist Lee transformed the excerpts from "Pictographic Diary" into paintings on canvas, wood engravings, graphite on paper, dyes on latex, etched glass, mosaics, ceramics, and murals at specific locations. Kim mainly paints and draws films on polyester canvas, often incorporating her paintings into animations and installations, exploring modern technology and scientific issues in her works. She is particularly fascinated by our high-tech society's influence on human thought and the process by which people become "individual". The control, indifference, rationality, and "intelligence" logic triggered by advanced technology not only make people lose some of their humanity and personality but also make them more vulnerable to fragile and fragile feelings.

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