Bill Jacklin RA: Creasida’s Dream

Cressida’s Dream is a solo exhibition by the British artist Bill Jacklin RA, which features new works by the artist in response to Simon Astaire's novella is on display. The exhibition is the result of their creative conversations during the recent lockdown.

Like many who found new ways of expressing themselves during this time, both Astaire and Jacklin explored new creative territories in their work and conversations. Astaire, who had known Jacklin for years, was inspired to write a fantasy novel while spending her time in lockdown in England. the artist who spent his confinement in rural Rhode Island was intrigued by the story, followed by long-distance artistic correspondence, culminating in an illustration of Cressida's dream. The exhibition is accompanied by a limited edition artist's book as well.

The work marks a new direction for him, after moving to New York in 1985, has long focused on depicting what he calls "urban portraits" of the city in a variety of formats from moving crowds to intimate large-scale canvases that pull the same etch for a moment. While the new images reveal his long-standing fascination with the movement of light and quasi-abstract forms in motion, they have a fancier, more colorful quality and more Varied themes.
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