Bae Bien-U and Kwon Dae-Sup: Boundless Union

Boundless Union is a group exhibition by the Korean artists' Bae Bien-U and Kwon Dae-Sup, which features large- and small-format photography works from Bae Bien-U’s Sonamu (Pine Trees) series and an installation of Kwon Dae-Sup’s moon jars. Coincidentally, Bae Bien-U and Kwon Dae-Sup were both born in South Korea in the 1950s. They dedicated decades of professional careers to the precious themes of their homeland and adopted practices developed from the inherent concepts of nature.

The exhibition is about creating resonance in stillness and movement, balance, and finding balance between different states of existence. Since people believe that the energy of life can pass through them, pine trees play an intermediary role between heaven and earth and are important in many life and death rituals. This life energy extends to the moon jar, which is a unity of the upper and lower halves, carefully connected together at the edge, echoing the shape of the full moon.

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