Austyn Taylor: I Will Be Your Friend

I Will Be Your Friend is a solo exhibition by the American sculptor Austyn Taylor, which showcases Taylor’s visually pleasing works that illustrate animals as a friendly presence, reevaluating our observations of animals as different beings.

The familiarity and attachment of the animals demonstrate the precision and detail in the stone surfaces of the artist's sculptures, which recur throughout her life and represent both idealism and reality: these creatures are vessels for escapism, but also allow the artist to be grounded in reality. The names of each sculpture further embody this close bond, similar to that between humans and pets.

Describing a "common consciousness" between humans and animals, the sculptures' hopeful expressions and endearing mannerisms encourage viewers to befriend them. Although not human in any physical way, these sculptures symbolize our collective humanity. Beneath the hard surface, these animals radiate dynamic emotion, projecting a sense of freedom to focus on the present moment. They are a welcome respite from our perception of reality.

Her preference for the use of ceramics is a matter of connection between art and viewer: the definite physicality of sculpture influences the feelings and emotions surrounding the space. Painting, on the other hand, defines an image on a canvas that, like a window, is viewed only from a distance by the viewer. These forms occupy the nearby space, leaving the viewer with no choice but to look closely and feel its presence, and begin her creative process with intuition.

Austyn Taylor - << I Will Be Your Friend>>
Date: 14 Jul – 5 Aug 2023
Gallery: Sens Gallery
Address: 1908 Landmark South, 39 Yip Kan Street, Wong Chuk Hang, Hong Kong

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