Armin Boehm

The solo exhibition of the German artist Armin Boehm showcases the complex collection of layers and textures that transcends traditional boundaries, immersing the viewer in its prismatic world.

Through his mesmerizing use of color, he depicts overt psychological relationships in his work, embedding his subjects in a prismatic world of imagery, symbolism, and cultural references. He uses collage techniques to combine fragments of paint, fabric, paper, or metal, the substances from which his subjects emerge, materializing in concrete spaces in an almost sculptural way.

The medium of oil and fabric chosen on canvas adds depth and texture to his work. The interplay between luminous layers of oil paint and carefully selected fabrics introduces a multi-dimensional quality to his work, resulting in stunning visual and tactile works of art. In every brushstroke and use of fabric, Boehm explores profound themes, from identity to memory to contrasts of light and shadow. It guides the viewer.

Armin Boehm
Date: 21 Sep – 31 Oct 2023
Gallery: Leo Gallery HK
Address: G/F, 46 Sai Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

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