Aquarius: The Jar of Pandora

Aquarius: The Jar of Pandora is a group exhibition curated by Cyrus Lamprecht, which brings together 8 artists who are also under the sign of Aquarius: Yau Kwok-Keung, Annebell Chan, Livy Leung, Benny To Kai-On, Sharon Lee, Ashlee Ip, Joanne Chan, Helena Hau, based on curiosity-driven works lead the viewer through a process of revealing suffering and hope.

An error in translation resulted in the misrepresentation of "Pandora's Box" as "Pandora's Bottle." In Greek mythology, the mortal Pandora was bestowed with a container by the god Zeus, which contained both evil and hope. Despite being endowed with gifts from various gods, Pandora could not resist the allure of curiosity and chose to open the container. As a result, evil escaped from the container while hope remained trapped within it.

Another handsome mortal, Ganymede, was similarly chosen by Zeus and brought from the mortal realm to become a cupbearer in heaven. In addition to pouring drinks for the gods, Ganymede was responsible for overseeing the safety of the beverages served at the dining table, to prevent enemies from poisoning them. As a reward, Zeus granted Ganymede immortality and allowed him to become the embodiment of the Aquarius constellation, continuing his role as a wine-bearer in the celestial court.

The American poet Emily Dickinson, in her poetic compositions, expressed the following sentiment: "When we have ceased to care / The Gift is given / For which we gave the Earth / And mortgaged Heaven / But so declined in worth / 'Tis ignominy now / To look upon.”

We are so grateful for the opportunity to attend the opening section to experience this awe-inspiring exhibition and have so much fun during it. Thank you so much for having us.

Aquarius: The Jar of Pandora
Date: 26 Jan – 29 Feb 2024
Gallery: Ztoryteller Gallery
Address: 1F, 2A Second Street, Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong
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