Antony Gormley: Asian Field

Asian Field is an ambitious sculptural work by British artist Antony Gormley, this is part of his Field series of projects, which have been carried out on a global scale, including Australia, North and South America, the United Kingdom, and Europe.

In each place, the artist uses local clay as a material and invites members of the local community to participate in the production. For this installation, he worked with approximately 300 people of all ages from Xiangshan Village in Guangzhou. After five days of intense work, the team created approximately 200,000 palm-sized figures.

In the exhibition, the figures are closely arranged on the ground, all facing one direction. The audience sees a large number of characters from a single vantage point, and all eyes are on them. Feeling the weight of their gaze, visitors will reflect on their place in the world and their responsibility for the collective future of mankind.
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