Angel Vergara: Acts & Paintings: Hong Kong

Acts & Paintings: Hong Kong is a solo exhibition by the Belgium-based Spanish artist Angel Vergara, which brings his canvases into the world - away from the limited, safe walls of his studio that allow them to absorb their environment and continually change.

Painting is often considered a static art form. A completed canvas with dried paint leaves the artist's creative studio for public viewing. For artists, the opposite is true to paint is to act. This is not a passive practice, but an active one. Throughout his long oeuvre, painting has been a form of constant interaction with visible and invisible forces.

In this exhibition, movement plays a crucial role as we look at the central space as m movement is a key element in his practice. This is particularly evident in his famous video paintings, where the artist's brush follows the footage to create a constantly moving painting. Guided by the music, but also micro-stimulated by the visitor and his surroundings, the artist captures his movements by manually erasing charcoal. What remains is a trace of the performance, a moment captured in time, like an abstract photograph taken with a long shutter speed. Perceiving his work is like witnessing an event: never static, always changing, awakening our senses in unexpected ways.

Angel Vergara - << Acts & Paintings: Hong Kong >>
Date: 18 Nov 2023 – 16 Mar 2024
Gallery: Axel Vervoordt Gallery
Address: 21F, Coda Designer Centre, 62 Wong Chuk Hang Rd, Wong Chuk Hang

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