Amelie von Wulffen

The German artist Amelie von Wulffen cites her extensive 2021 solo exhibition at the Institute for Contemporary Art in Berlin, for which the artist has created outstanding paintings and ensemble installations of objects.

A traumatic chamber of curiosities consists of a collage of anthropomorphic objects, seashell figures, wood, and moss on a painted base with a man-tall "dung man" standing in the center, carrying a fanny pack (Untitled, 2020) Sitting on the floor with the bee Maya urinating her pants – yellow pee, which is reflected in the stripes of the bee sculpture and also in the geometric pattern on the background abstract painting. A psychological metaphor related to art and money, but it is also the suppression of creaturehood and mortality. Since ancient times, the hive has also been a symbol of a clear natural order in matters such as gender division of labor, gender differences, cohabitation, marriage, family, and family.

The wild combination of dream and joke, unconscious and repressed, subjective and objective, politics and art, balance each other, reflecting the artist's own participation. In addition to the well-known social and art history themes, the newly created paintings also focus on the abysmal dimensions of childhood and family, with her repeatedly linking own family chronicles to national German history. The "brown" undertones, family, and genre scenes of pseudo-romantic country idyll meet art-historical settings. Ice cream flavors like Magnum, Cornetto & Co make up the scene, forever triggering the child-like satisfaction of alternatives.
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