Agnes Leung: Giant Consort Diaries

Giant Consort Diaries is a solo exhibition of the latest series of acrylic paintings by the Hong Kong local artist Agnes Leung Po-ying, which showcases her personal free-spirited nature blended with a retro comic book style, guiding viewers through her insights into human nature.

Breaking away from traditional perspectives, she carefully observes the details of life, and integrates his unique consciousness into paintings, forming a highly recognizable unique style. Using inspiration from everyday life as the basis of her creations, the works are not only depictions of imagined scenes or reimagined experiences, but also reflections on relationships, emotions, and humanity itself. Her philosophy of happiness revolves around her gratitude for life. She embraces the subtle details of life and documents them with humor and joy.

The artist's narrative and visual expression create a whimsical and energetic atmosphere, capturing the small and huge moments of joy that bring people together. As one enters the world created by the artist, the burst of energy and enthusiasm for everyday moments in the work is so contagious that even the most reserved and serious person cannot help but smile freely.

Agnes Leung Po-ying - << Giant Consort Diaries >>
Date: 19 Oct – 18 Nov 2023
Gallery: Contemporary by Angela Li
Address: G/F, 248 Hollywood Road, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

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