Wong Yee-ki: CONNECTA

CONNECTA (連・謰) is a solo exhibition by the local Hong Kong artist Wong Yee-ki, which showcases a range of narrative works that may at first glance seem unrelated or unconnected to each other, however, when taken together, a clear and consistent discourse emerges that aims to bridge these gaps and connect unclear meanings.

"連" means "connection", and the concept of "謰" refers to meaningless speech like a child's speech that art doesn’t always have to be clear or perfect. Rather, it requires a simple faith, like the directness and innocence of a child. Combining a child's unfiltered creativity with her Gongbi skills creates a unique blend of pure innocence and refined artistic skill.

A door to embrace your child’s pure, unbridled creativity. Essentially, a childlike sense of faith and liberation is regained. Unlocking a deeper level of creativity by incorporating worship and dance into my faith during the art-making process creates more dynamic and unrestrained work. The lines are more dynamic and even have a certain degree of carelessness, somewhere between control and loss of control.

Wong Yee-ki - << CONNECTA (連・謰) >>
Date: 14 Oct – 11 Nov 2023
Gallery: Grotto Fine Art
Address: Room 2302, 23/f, Car Po Commercial Building, 18-20 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central, Hong Kong

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