Vittoria Chierici: The Philosophers’ Clothes

The Philosophers’ Clothes is a solo exhibition by the Italian artist Vittoria Chierici, which showcases her interpretation of the Academy of Athens. These works are like a page of her study diary, and the viewers witnessed her progress because she realized the connection of different ideas.

The artist started her research from the architectural elements of the fresco, because the dome above contains everything that happened between the characters. From the perspective of the structure of the stairs, she highlights the geometry of the composition; by analyzing the background of the mural, she uses color as a factor that affects the spatial relationship of the painting. Her observation of the Italian Renaissance painter Raphael's work then turned into an examination of the outerwear of the characters. Groups and individuals have pushed away or retracted due to the use of different colors. This change creates such an organic arrangement that makes her feel “abstract”.

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