Trevor Yeung

Not Everything is About You is a solo exhibition by the Mainland Chinese artist Trevor Yeung, which continues his practice of anthropomorphizing plant ecology and inanimate objects to express human emotions and relationships, he examines the way we operate in social habitats, delving into the complexities and unspoken rules that define how we interact.

Aware of cultural norms during his travels, the artist reflects on the pressure to interact and the increased time spent with himself during the pandemic. Dissecting the psychological nuances of interdependent relationships, unmet expectations, and communication frustrations; his observations reveal multiple layers of emotion. This learning curve is essential, after all, not everything is about us.

Having experienced multiple hotel quarantines in Hong Kong since the Covid-19 outbreak, Soft Compromise (2022) is an installation of 100 pillows sandwiched between gaps in a freestanding wall and the building structure around it. Leaning against the icy concrete, pillows could not bring long-lost comfort and peaceful respite. The tossing and turning of the Insomniac extend to Sink If You Don't Move (2022), a bed with a large number of small coral carcasses spread across seabed sheets. While anticipating a state of relaxation, unbalanced surfaces give sleepers an unpleasant night. Using this as a metaphor for a complacent relationship, the artist is too comfortable questioning the risks and consequences of having a false sense of security.

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