Tanaka and Shiraga: Material and Action

The idea that art is the material manifestation of human spiritual freedom was one of the founding beliefs of the Gutai Art Association. It is a pioneering avant-garde art group and teaches its members to make art with the concept of "Do What No One Has Done Before!".

Material and Action is a highlight exhibition that examines the Japanese artist Ryuji Tanaka's oeuvre by revealing the boundaries of the artist's traditional Japanese painting techniques, pushing material exploration, and ultimately expressing the beauty of nature through abstraction. In addition, an important work by Kazuo Shiraga, Kanmitsu (1961), will be included in the exhibition to illustrate the broader historical background of Gutai and the connection between the artists.

In this exhibition, the works on canvas and paper stand out for their specific form and size, the alternation of light and dark tones, and the use of natural materials, comprehensively summarizing Tanaka's typical style. His long-term exploration of abstract possibilities has made the surface of his work seem to float above the background: the shimmering of minerals and minerals changes with each perspective. Surprising colors such as deep blue, bright green or warm red, and many others can be seen in the shimmering light, taking the viewer to explore the artist's work.

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