Sylvestre Gauvrit: I Am Like You

I Am Like You is a solo exhibition by the French artist and sculptor Sylvestre Gauvrit, which include works recently formed by the artist in the flow, as well as sketches that have never been seen before.

Inspired by childhood observations of nature and surfing waves, the artist's works are defined by perceptual lines and natural forms, as imagined in "Coco" (2021) and "Orchis" (2021), where the female shape is visible of. He is interested in the potential energy and feelings that his sculptures stimulate, as well as believes that his work is a space in which the visible and the invisible, the fragile and strong, the destruction and construction, find a place of harmony. Using materials such as marble and marine grade stainless steel, his work seems to embody the spirit. In order to create an immersive experience, a special soundtrack called "The Other Side" created by Jeremy Prot and Fabiano Laghi will be accompanied by the works are on display.

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