Song Dong: Window - Mirror

Window – Mirror is a solo exhibition of series of the latest works by the Mainland Chinese artist Song Dong which is including Compressed Window, Black Window, and other new works created between 2020 to 2021.

The artist continues to explore the multicultural meaning of windows. As a barrier between the living space and the wider world, windows provide a key perspective for people to observe the external environment. In the process of opening or closing, windows can change the relationship between the individual and the outside world. Through changes in color and form, they can change the appearance of the world in the eyes of the viewer. Song Dong's works are based on the rhetorical and aesthetic meanings associated with windows since ancient times.

He also extracts "scenes" and "objects" from reality, and uses rich rhetoric to transform them into carriers of ideas, prestige, and meaning. He uses a self-contradictory self-made term "abstract realism" to summarize this type of creation method. The artist continuously extracts images from reality and processes them on the aesthetic and speculative levels. However, its core is still realism. On a certain level, art can maintain its vitality only by constantly returning to reality and daily life. This may also be the foundation of his artistic achievements.

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