Shim Moon-seup: A Scenery of Time

A Scenery of Time is a solo exhibition by the Korean artist Shim Moon-Seup, whose basic themes of his works are "nature" and "timeliness". The artist is constantly striving to find ways to transcend standardized genres and media, to perceive and express them with the infinite possibilities of art.

This exhibition presents paintings that the artist has been working on for nearly 15 years to study the subject of reverence for nature and its cycles. As a sculptor, the artist has spent more than forty years exploring the inherent properties of materials, borrowing the scenery of Tongyeong, his hometown and expanding the spirit of "anti-sculpture", which is endowed by his unique artistic practice Critic of expressive form, through painting.

With a passion for Art Nouveau, Shim constantly defied the stereotypes of sculpture, creating and presenting a fixed subject on a pedestal, and conducting unconventional experiments using iron, acrylic, cement, and soil, traditional art materials that were not commonly used at the time . His work remains close to the source of the natural world and reveals it lying "intact" on the floor or against a wall rather than on a pedestal. This is the artist's main modeling language, named "anti-sculpture".

Shim Moon-Seup - <<A Scenery of Time>>
Date: 9 Dec 2022 - 20 Jan 2023
Gallery: Galerie Perrotin HK
Address: Unit 807, K11 ATELIER Victoria Dockside, 18 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

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