Sherrie Levine: Hong Kong Dominoes

Hong Kong Dominoes is a solo exhibition by the American artist Sherrie Levine, which showcases the core works of Levine's practice and clearly reflects the artist's continuous exploration of the concept of authorship, originality and authenticity.

The exhibition showcases a set of twelve mahogany paintings that replicate the surface of a set of dominoes purchased by Levine during a trip to Hong Kong in 2012, and 22 never-seen-before following the paintings Matisse obtained from the artist's own collection in 1985, there is also a series of recent sculptures and photographs.

Many works in the exhibition refer to modernist masterpieces and question the stereotypes of heroic male artists. In a set of 22 unprecedented paintings in Henri Matisse's own collection in 1985, the artist represented a series of floating mask-like faces in Matisse's characteristic style. Similarly, in Monochrome after Renoir's Nude (2016), she abstractly retells the impressionist painter’s twenty famous nudes, using pixelation to merge the tonal range of each painting into a single, true monochrome value. These works revisit the technique that she first adopted in her 1989 woodcut in Meltdown, in which an averaging algorithm was used to create a checkerboard composition based on the iconic paintings of modernist artists.

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