Shannon Cartier Lucy: A Stapled Glass

A Stapled Glass is the first solo exhibition in Hong Kong by Nashville-based artist Shannon Cartier Lucy @zollieoo, which consists of seven new paintings created in 2021, sharing their aesthetic language with the 17th-century Baroque masters of light and shadow.

The artist has had an endless experimental career for more than two decades and is one of the most famous figurative painters today. Her paintings are a prelude to an endless narrative: they show incredibly little but suggest so much. Her painting images initially hinted at cohesion, and then they disconnected the narrative from its source and developed its own contradictions.

At first glance, the theme of the exhibition is familiar, but it is strange in nature: a woman stretches her back, a girl with her hands tied with a red rope, a finger pointing in the dark void, and a bound glass. Her work is mundane and absurd, comfortable and uncomfortable, ironic and disturbing.

What seems familiar becomes a guide to another level of narrative, suggesting confusion of information. However, therefore they are so unique. A knife cuts two peaches, a bird feeds its chicks with a butterfly, and a woman looks down; although the image is simple, Cartier Lucy's work hides a peculiar opacity.

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