Sasaoka Yuriko: Planaria

Planaria is a solo exhibition by the Kyoto-based artist Sasaoka Yuriko, which features new embroidery paintings, fish dolls, and a three-channel video installation.

In the three-channel video installation "Planaria" (2021), the artist explores death through surreal rituals of death and rebirth. From the collection of 12 fish-head handmade dolls, the dolls appear alongside 12 new embroidered canvases in a scene that extends from the ambitious carnival video installation.

In a satirical exhibition about death and reincarnation, covered in a plush red carpet and purple satin curtains, it mimics the gruesome scenes from the artist's 2020-21 three-channel video installation Planaria. The video is named after an "Immortal" flatworm that can regenerate indefinitely, in which three fur-covered creatures perform a frantic ritual, with mackerel-headed humanoid dolls dying in a variety of ways, from poisoning to electrocution to " Extreme Orgasm". Their bodies were then placed on the altar, and a celebrant gleefully applauded the dead and lit candles. The ceremony was accompanied by a grotesque waltz, with illogical tunes such as "I'm Afraid of Secrets" and "Death's Sounds Dull" alternated between childish squeaks and aged chirps. Each verse is interrupted by an angry refrain: "No matter how many times I interrupt you, you will always come back."

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