Renato Leotta: Linea, Punto

Linea, Punto is a solo exhibition by the Italian artist Renato Leotta, which showcases the practice of art is closely related to the observation of the Mediterranean land and sea scenery.

Working with nature, the artist mediates the universal phenomena that make up the fragmented realm: moon phases and tides, volcanic rain, bioluminescence of plankton, ocean waves, microliths, and through his work combines minimalist vocabulary and poetry with comfort.

The exhibition includes a group of works "Orizzonti" made of fabrics obtained by dipping in the sea and then naturally drying in the sun. The physical phenomena of crystallization create visual divisions on the fabric through lines, depicting an ideal horizon, telling tidal movements in relation to the phases of the moon, and describing themes of uncertainty and oscillation in the natural landscape.

For the artist, the concept of thread is linked to Franco Cassano's philosophy of Meridian Thought. The South, as a geographical and cultural space, became the subject of thinking rather than the object understood from a northern cultural perspective. Therefore, this line is intended as a reference for perspective, the horizon is not divided, but it is a possibility in production and dialogue.
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