Park Yoon-kyung: The Attitude that Sustains Our Lives

The Attitude that Sustains Our Lives is a solo exhibition by the South Korean artist Park Yoon-Kyung, which features the artist's ground-breaking 'Yi Tai' (also known as 'Painting Tower') painting installation.

Park's painting installation uses translucent surfaces to deviate from the conventions of paintings. This technique also traces her Eastern cultural lineage and the traditional paintings that utilize lighter fabrics, contrary to the western paintings on canvas. The artist’s contemporary adaptation of Korean traditional pictograms further encourages viewers to read between the borders of images and text. Her artistic approach shares a connection to 'Moon-ja-do' paintings which transform visual characteristics of the Korean and Chinese language into new images that stimulate cultural ideas and aesthetic pleasures.

Walk around in the painting installation to explore the ambiguous and interrelated nature between the image and the text and observe the current time and space around the canvas and the painting. The surrounding space exploration provides an immersive experience, allowing us to organically connect with the artist’s subtle visual language and stories. Unraveling the abstraction between the image and the text encourages circular movement around the tower. Like the traditional way of walking around (walking in circles), the audience will meditate and form an intimate
Relationship with structure.
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