Parallel Fantasies

Parallel Fantasies is a joint exhibition, which features 6 young artists Michelle Fung Kuen-suet, Fatina Kong, Livy Leung, Liang Manqi, Elías Peña Salvador, and Angela Yuen.


The new series of Michelle Fung Kuen-suet’s works creates an extraordinary narrative for the ecological world (called "Polluta") in 2084, an aerial city colonized only by artists. By using cartoonized animal images (such as zebras, chickens, and deer), the artist makes a sound when telling his characters to his characters, which echoes the art world of the 21st century. Her paintings are a collection of playfulness, irony and contradiction, and are her reactions to the current environment. The humorous characters in her works tell a story and provide the viewer with a way to escape reality.


Fatina Kong’s works are endlessly integrated into the concept of life and events. She has been exploring the relationship between nature and human society and has established a unique insight into the life cycle. She wrote: "Things are always changing and going around in circles." Therefore, her works usually appear in circular form, suggesting the cycle of birth and death. The buildings, crystals, stones and plants in her works are also presented in a way that expresses their interdependence. Her latest work "Somewhere, Sometimes" was inspired by the Chinese poem " Flowers No Flower" by the famous Tang dynasty poet Bai Juyi, expressing the illusion and perishability of this creature.


Livy Leung’s new work is inspired by her thoughtful thinking about the future. The artist described that in the past year, she often went to bed out of fear, but woke up hopefully. She is worried about the unknown tomorrow, and at the same time looking forward to a bright future after sunrise. Through her energetic brushstrokes and vivid colours, the artist constantly reconstructs her own thoughts and enlarges her own imagination into a form of expression and self-indulgence in her creative process.


The work of the young Spanish artist Elías Peña Salvador depicts scenes in daily life and integrates them with famous paintings of contemporary masters, hovering between iconography and abstraction, chaos and harmony, thus fusing multiple feelings and viewpoints together. Beyond representativeness, each scene draws the viewer closer to the subjectivity of human consciousness: the refinement of personal experience, at a specific moment, the viewer's interpretation remains open and smooth.


Angela Yuen used toys and stationery from the local old family store to build a miniature skyline through colored rotating light projections through these objects found. The small plastic parts used marked the golden age of Hong Kong's manufacturing industry in the 1950s and 1960s, which helped elevate Hong Kong to its current position on the global stage. These colorful installations are both nostalgic and fun, and immediately attract the audience to immerse themselves in the warm and uplifting atmosphere of the artwork.










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