Oscar Chan Yik-long: It’s the Smile That Keep Us Going

It's the Smile That Keep Us Going is a solo exhibition by the local Hong Kong artist Oscar Chan Yik-long, which showcases some changes in his practice. All are acrylic and ink paintings on canvas from 2023, through splashes of existing colors – red, pink, orange, yellow, brown, green, blue and purple – there are exploratory, fast-moving, dancing lines and ink stains on top.

There is an interplay between the layered themes of these paintings, as reflected in the artist's selection of images from twentieth- and twenty-first-century Asian cinema, and their representation on canvas, for which the narrative form – ink is superimposed on the canvas, emotional issues - paint. Black thread can also be used as a tool of rational thought or speech, cutting and shaping amorphous clouds of multi-colored energy.

Distinguishing between form and the matter it shapes, both at the level of content and at the level of expression, these definitions are applied to the artist's study of language and can also be tried when faced with hybrid visual art works, such as those in the new series, which evoke debate about painted images and moving images.

Oscar Chan Yik-long - << It's the Smile That Keep Us Going >>
Date: 21 Oct – 18 Nov 2023
Gallery: Gallery Exit
Address: 3/F, 25 Hing Wo Street, Tin Wan, Aberdeen, Hong Kong
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