Michael Muller

Drei biographische Versuche is a three-chapter solo exhibition by the German artist Michael Müller, which is a series is like an artist's personal diaries of the past three decades. Through each chapter, he reveals his journey of self-discovery, embracing change, and self-formation.

In the finale Das gemachte Ich, the artist exposes the personal and intimate events of his life, elaborating on the idea that "Life is Flux". The theory of tabula rasa and his motto "Do it Yourself", through his large-scale installation in a white cube with a "dangerous Open Bracket", he asserts that human beings, each individual, should be responsible for constructing themselves, their relationships with others, and the world.

Das gemachte Ich surveys his entire oeuvre in various mediums, like drawing, painting, sculpture, object and performance, multiple works, and prints, revealing the artist's multifaceted creativity, formal creativity, and wide range of concepts Scope. Müller challenges traditional artistic limitations and embraces broader, philosophical, and humanistic practices.

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