Mehdi Ghadyanloo

Mehdi Ghadyanloo's first solo exhibition in Asia presents his new paintings and works on paper, which are meticulous in geometry, color, and chiaroscuro.

The slides, tunnels, and ladders he depicts are both familiar and mysterious, located in shallow rectilinear rooms. The scene is illuminated from above by skylights, with painted beams revealing details of the plastic and metal structures while indicating the different times of the day. Fragments of play equipment exist as symbols, monuments to mental states, just as they are imagined physical structures. In the absence of children or other characters, they have a mystical, immortal presence that, while alluding to existential themes, evokes a nostalgic nostalgia for the innocence of childhood play.

From 2004 to 2011, his unique approach as a painter evolved as he completed more than 100 public murals in Tehran. Designed to beautify the urban environment and promote civic harmony, these works changed the face of the city and attracted international attention, leading to mural commissions in Europe and the United States. His return to painting on canvas allowed him to advance other themes that inspired the current work.

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