Louise Bonnet: Onslaught

Onslaught is a solo exhibition by the Los Angeles-based painter Louise Bonnet, which focuses on viewing bodily fluids as objects of social disgust, investigating art historical precedents to portray them, and considering the ways in which modern aesthetics and ideological conventions complicate the way they are now accepted, the work consists of two sets of three large canvases, exhibited as a triptych.

The first group of paintings depicts individual figures crouching or reclining awkwardly in cramped interiors, their legs wrapped in colorful pantyhose. The subject of two works exudes an opaque cone of liquid, while the subject of the third is lying on a bed, his or her small head covered in blond hair.

The figures in the second triptych also release vital fluids from the breast-like protrusions. The two figures occupying the side panels teeter on small balconies, while the toes of the central figure are trapped under the wall. Bonnet's sharp use of architectural devices intensifies the image's atmosphere of physical and emotional isolation, reminiscent of the oppressive, claustrophobic spaces of Francis Bacon's paintings.

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