Liquid Groun

Liquid Groun is a proposal for the future commons, which is still pending, and one day it will be underwater.

In the paradox between soil and water, solidification and dissolution, Liquid Ground attempts to counter an unresolved plan through a series of new commissions and recent works. The allegory of the island runs through the theme of the exhibition-as an ecological unit and habitat, the island is isolated but open, limited but self-sufficient, constantly changing between solid, liquid, and spiritual. While some works entered the cruel mining sites and managed energy flow to unravel the most advanced developmental disasters, others turned to primitive marine mythology and ecological kinship to seek the antidote to modernity's malaise. Some people hijack the materials of urban infrastructure to invent new combinations and reimagine the shape of our commons, while others venture beyond the city to speak out for the local non-human, flora, and fauna of Lantau. From the eclectic perspective of life to inertia, these artists deeply study the complex material history of their respective regions, put forward their own scripts, challenge the hegemony of technological dominance, and at the same time open up new ways to view and perceive our ecological entanglement. The exhibition will be accompanied by with a wealth of public projects led by artists, thinkers, and practitioners from different fields and explores different corners of the city.

Some of the works in the exhibition coincidentally attempt to study the historical trajectory of mechanical extraction of the earth, forming a mutual echo. Artists Riar Rizaldi and Gary Zhang Zhexi respectively used different ways to delve into the details of history, to pierce the current myth that the inevitable extraction of meaning is full of lies.
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