Lily van der Stokker: Thank You Darling

Thank You Darling is a solo exhibition by the Netherland artist Lily van der Stokker, which brings together a group of works created between 1989 and 2021, addressing concepts such as society, family, friendship, work, finance, illness and care; and to tell the story of this extraordinary contemporary moment.

The artist's images are very discreet and precise, configuring them against each other according to the details of each space, before enlarging them and executing them directly on the gallery walls. Her monumental frescoes, featuring distinctive colors and highly decorative motifs including flowers, clouds, motifs and floral ornaments, are decidedly clichéd femininity, but there is a depth and tenacity to her work that belies its sweet aesthetic. For more than 30 years, she has been immersed in the so-called mundane matter of everyday life, taking the subtle, personal, and neglected complexities seriously, while forging a radical feminist practice in a language that is entirely her own. Behind the softness and sincerity of its surface, once described as "so sweet it can kill", her work is both provocative and radical.

Optimism, joy, gossip, and the trivial trials and tribulations of everyday life are broadly born in most artistic practices, while works centered on the home and decoration have traditionally been seen as the antithesis of serious contemporary visual art. Her work breaks with this hierarchy, challenging conventional artistic values and values, while firmly positioning herself within the legacy of feminism, post-minimalism and post-conceptual art. Despite the energy and frivolity of her work, its relaxing humor, and its bold celebration of ugliness, sweetness, beauty and stupidity, her work is serious about itself and its subjects.

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