Katharina Grosses: Touching How and Why and Where

Touching How and Why and Where is a solo exhibition of a new series of paintings by the German artist Katharina Grosse, which showcases spray brightly colored paint on boards, objects, building interiors and exteriors, and even entire landscapes with compressor painting techniques. Through her spectacular and nuanced exploration of physical movement and sensual effects, she pushes the scope and potential of painting beyond conventional boundaries. She improvises with precise control, allowing a new interaction between touch, vision, material, and place.

When creating the works for this exhibition, she adopted an open approach, abandoning templates and other objects. The lines of each new canvas start off the canvas, pass through the upper left corner of the canvas and extend to the lower right corner, leaving colored lines covering the white canvas background. Some lines are sharp and sharp, while others, looser, are drawn with less force or sprayed from a greater distance to create an ethereal effect. Stripes of bright orange, red, green, and blue appear to overlap and intertwine, reminiscent of tangled wire or wool.

Katharina Grosse - << Touching How and Why and Where >>
Date: 21 Mar – 6 May 2023
Gallery: Gagosian
Address: 7/F Pedder Building, 12 Pedder Street, Central, Hong Kong

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