Jose Parla: Phosphene

Phosphene is a solo exhibition of recent paintings and works on paper by the New York-based Cuban artist José Parlá, which showcases a poignant new of works.

These paintings and installations offer abstract, visceral storytelling through layers of mixed media and dynamic calligraphic writing, accessing the universals of memory, history, language, and human experience. His gestural and instinctive calligraphic practice is a meditative process exploring his subconscious and inner being, and the mystical layers of writing imbue his paintings with light and depth.

The Phosphene series began with the artist's time spent in his hometown of Miami, Florida, surrounded by nature and the splendor of the sun, originally planned for his exhibitions around the world and following his near-death experience with Covid. The artist began experimenting with painting outdoors, in stark contrast to his industrial Brooklyn studios, filled with giant canvases pulled from the ceiling, using the sun to illuminate the abstract visual language of his mind.

José Parlá - <<Phosphene>>
Date: 18 Mar – 20 May 2023
Gallery: Ben Brown Fine Art
Address: 201 The Factory, 1 Yip Fat Street, Wong Chuk Hang, Hong Kong

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