Intermixture Vol.3

Intermixture Vol.3 is an exhibition featuring artists Ahhi Choi, Masayuki Tsubota, and Katsuyoshi Inokuma, which is the sequel to Intermixture and Intermixture Vol.2 in 2017 and 2021 respectively.

The curvilinear movements in Ahhi Choi's work are brisk and ecstatic, expressing the artist's innate sense of adventure. The artist forged an intimate connection with the magnificence and majesty of nature. In addition to painting, the artist is also widely engaged in other artistic creations, including shoe design, fabric design, wine label design, mobile phone case design, CD cover design, etc.

Masayuki Tsubota has created a series of sculptures in wood and aluminium, where he subtly scratches and sands the medium with vibrant colours to create a uniform effect. These underlying connotations give his sculptures many dimensions. The abstract textures and patterns in his works prompt viewers to reflect on themselves and re-experience seemingly familiar visuals in different ways of déjà vu.

By using ground coffee and sanding surfaces to create texture, Katsuyoshi Inokuma brings a delicate concurrency of comfort and sharpness to his work. Most importantly, Pig Bear's ultramarine work "Pig Bear Blue Series" is highly respected at home and abroad, and has aroused strong resonance with the audience.

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