Ineffable Worlds

Ineffable Worlds is a group show, which presenting the works of 6 young Italian artists: Marta Mancini, Andrea Martinucci, Alessandro Giannì, Luca Grimaldi, Marco Eusepi, Giulia Dall’Olio.

The exhibition brings together more than fifteen works and juxtaposes different studies, still unified by emphasizing image elements. Abandoning painting altogether is the common thread of the entire young generation's response to the current period of instability. Their paintings are the code to decrypt the "Ineffable" world in which we live. Through images and symbols, the surface of the picture becomes a simultaneous translation of a new, unspeakable thought, where the signifier and the signified naturally overlap, including concepts and perceptual expression methods, are combined, and the inexpressible is finally formed.

The exhibited works produced different reactions and produced a multi-voice dialogue. Andrea Martinucci and Alessandro Giannì mainly regarded technology and the digital world as themes, and even metaphors, and developed their research into unique results with great aesthetic value; while the objects discovered by Luca Grimaldi, although using painterly and expressive technology, but it has returned to a romantic view of popular culture, perhaps due to the relative distance from popular culture. Marco Eusepi’s paintings show an intimate and self-sufficient relationship with nature, stand out in the perfect balance between form and eternal suspension, and are a perfect example of young artists mastering the tradition of classical aesthetics. When Giulia Dall`Olio angered the power of the humanization of nature, Marta Mancini recreated a new space, a meta-image dimension in her abstract canvas.

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