Imi Knoebel: Green Flags

Green Flags is a solo exhibition by one of the leading German nonrepresentational artists of the post-war period Imi Knoebel, which presents two recent works created using red acrylic paint on wood panels. Perhaps named for the afterimage they create in the eye, the Green Flag series debuting in this exhibition takes the form of silhouettes of fluttering flags.

The multi-part 'Konstellationen' that title references celestial bodies, was inspired by the shapes cast by the artist's 1975 light projections on the interior and exterior of the building, a fact referenced by the double dates of each piece. In addition, examples of multiples of the artist's "Kinderstern", a phosphorescent paint that glows in red and in the dark, will be featured in the exhibition. Proceeds from the sale of these "Children's Stars" work support a charity founded by the artist and his wife Carmen, which advocates for the human rights of children around the world.

The artist created an ever-evolving stream of non-objective work. From geometric to free-form, monochromatic to polychromatic, they are inspired by his hands-on experiments in the studio rather than by any overarching program.

Imi Knoebel - << Green Flags >>
Date: 18 Jan – 11 Mar 2023
Gallery: Whitecube, Hong Kong
Address: 50 Connaught Road, Central, Hong Kong

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