Hsiao Chin: From Beijing to Paris

From Beijing to Paris is a solo exhibition by the Chinese painter Hsiao Chin, which brings a scroll-like journey across the plane, but the most important thing is that can meet a complex hymn, traveling and passing will bring harm to the injured soul. These paintings, in the words of the poet TS Eliot, he was shaped by Buddhist thought, "shall not cease from exploration/And the end of all our exploring/Will be to arrive where we started/And know the place for the first time'.

The works displayed in this exhibition need to be seen and understood, the works made after his daughter's unfortunate death. The passage painting titled "Transcending the Eternal Garden" in the 1990s continued the artist's fascination with the journey. But these paintings now have a religious color. It also mentioned a garden that is reminiscent of a secluded place in the history of Chinese painting, or in the language of Western culture, the Garden of Eden and the Agony in the Garden. In terms of art, that can certainly refer to the great garden paintings of Monet's late period, the purpose of which is to avoid the tragedy of the First World War.

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