Double Fly Art Center: Double Fly Awkward Pay

Double Fly Awkward Pay is the second exhibition for the artist group Double Fly Art Center, the feature of the exhibition is to make the atrocities of the Double Fly Art Center a model new artwork, combining absurd comedy and severe criticism of the society, culture and the art world itself.

Highlighted in the exhibition is "Double Love and Flied Currency" (2020), which includes two-dimensional and three-dimensional paintings, which used to be a continuous 33-meter-long artwork. Some of the paintings in the series are fixed directly on the wall, while others stretch out on the slanted projecting part of the gallery space. At first glance, the collage of artwork depicts gesture illustrations of faces, words and symbols. But as the gallery lights went out intermittently, ultraviolet light suddenly replaced them, illuminating an extra, usually invisible layer in the artwork. The black lights indicate that the paintings themselves are banknotes issued by the Double Fly Awkward Pay Banking Branch of the Double Fly Art Center. The number of these banknotes corresponds to the actual price of the artwork. In addition, in the case of the same size of the artwork, the price difference is very large, thus commenting on the nature of the art market, society's perception of value, and the role of artwork as a financial tool.

In addition, along with the changes in lighting, there is an ominous low-frequency soundtrack that will be played throughout the gallery when the black light is turned on. When the lights of the standard gallery returned, the soundtrack gradually disappeared, and a video clip called "Double Fly, Same Style" began to play.

The artist described Double Fly Cut Piece (2020) as the "conjoined twins" of double love and escape currency. Here, Double Fly shows the remaining length of the canvas in the previously mentioned 33-meter-long artwork, as well as explanatory text, QR code, and scissors of various sizes. Guests can read through the instructions and can choose to participate in the artwork. To participate, visitors must make a donation (the accepted donation is as low as HKD 1), and then use a pair of scissors (the length and quality of which vary with the number of donations) to cut a piece of canvas. Then, they can keep this part of the canvas for themselves.
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