Donna Huddleston: In Person

In Person is a solo exhibition by the Northern Ireland artist Donna Huddleston, which showcases new works on paper exploring the themes of doubles, doubles and performance.

The artist's dramatic works break the boundaries between life and theatre, and are inspired by a range of influences from the fields of film, literature, design and visual arts. An early career in set and costume design contributed to an ephemeral focus on scenography and performance, evident in the careful placement of her work. The mysterious figures occupying her opulent world are seduced with mysterious gestures and side-eyed glances that eschew a clear narrative. This cinematic quality is manifested in the time-based painting process, where the suspenseful narrative of each piece unfolds like a scene from the script.

The work abandons the traditional character of self-portrait, in which the artist takes on a range of dramatic roles, from emcee to substitute, waiting impatiently to reveal himself as the heroine. Other compositions come in and out of romantic motifs, from the piano keyboard of the crescent moon to the tulips of the eclipse. Evoking memory through texture has always been the formalist ambition of her paintings, and the carnation motif, drawn in Caran d'ache colored pencils, ripples throughout the exhibition, most prominently in "Personal Development".

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