Dirk Braeckman: Luster

Luster is the first exhibition with Belgium-based artist Dirk Braeckman, which brings together photo and video work from 2012 to 2021, and a small publication will be published at the same time.

The artist's photographs are mysterious in their evasion of clear, linear narratives. This approach can be seen as contradicting traditional deliberation in the media. However, the exploration of time still comes into focus in a disrupted, abstract way. His work draws from the seemingly endless archive of negatives the artist has built up over decades. Often, negatives don't show up for years until the artist is ready to use their image. Images are then merged, manipulated, to create new inexplicable worlds, pushing the boundaries of photography by completely refusing to provide actual or evidential representation.

Featuring distant seascapes, architectural details, and blurred nudes, his photographs are more of a painting-like world-building than a document. The artist, like the rest of us, has retreated to a more local life over the past two years. The urge to travel has shaped much of his life and practice, but more recently the artist has returned to the studio and his darkroom, experimenting with new techniques and using whatever he can to create new and confusing works.

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